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- March 18 2020 -

An update is available to fix a possible problem with skewed gfx that slipped into the previous release. Please re-download and install the new archive to fix.

v1.8b March 18, 2020
- Small bugfix to the overlay modulo value to fix corrupted gfx

- March 10 2020 -
FCEU V1.8 released

A new version of FCEU. This one has some options for improving sound output on some systems. There is also a new Famicom Disk System menu option to insert/eject disks by GUI panel. Also a rom list filter is added for changing between NES and FDS images plus some other minor fixes and updates.

v1.8 March 10 2020
- Added some options to sync the audio better with the display
- vsync uses WaitBOVP instead of WaitTOF now
- New Sound Config window to set some options related to sound output
- Updated 6502 cpu core and sound rendering to latest fceux versions
- Enabled High Quality sound rendering mode
- Added a quick menu for changing FDS Disk sides in windowed mode
- Added a rom list cycle filter for .NES and .FDS images

- April 26 2018 -
FCEU V1.7 released

A new version of FCEU. This one comes in line with GenesisPlus and Hu-Go! by implementing the new video mode handling that works better on laptops and other fixed resolution monitors.

v1.7 April 25 2018
- savestate window handled by mui notifications
- updated to latest version of support functions
- fixed a memory hit when saving a screenshot
- updated video mode selection system
- correct aspect ratio and centering of video frame in scanline mode

- February 10 2015 -
FCEU V1.6 fixed archive

A small bug was found in the first release that caused sram not to save correctly. Please re-download if you got the archive earlier. Correct archive is: 666118 bytes in size.

- February 10 2015 -
FCEU V1.6 released

A new edition of fceu this time updated with a new emulation core and improved mappers. The awesome rom hack known as "Zelda: The Legend Of Link" is now playable on the emulator.

The game requires an original Zelda PRG0 rom with this ips patch pre-applied:

v1.6 February 10 2015
- updated emulation core to fceu_mm latest svn build
- updated all mappers to latest fceux versions
- fixed mmc5 register $5130 emulation 
- Legend Of Link rom hack now works
- doubled sound output
- fixed a file requestor crash

- December 25 2014 -
FCEU V1.5 released

A new version this time with image previews added to main window and in the savestate manager.

- added preview screenshot in main window
- added preview thumbnails to savestate manager
- modified visible area to match an average tv display with overscan
- filename filter added to dir listing (NES|FDS)





- MorphOS port by Kelly Samel / Realstar Soft.Ware
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