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- Feb 04 2022 -

This update adds a frameless auto-centered window mode for the desktop. This also works with the 2x scaling option if your screen resolution supports this.

v2.2 Feb 04 2022
- Added a frameless auto-centered window display mode
- Fixed CLI launching to be working again

- May 20 2020 -

Small bugfix related to short filenames being generated on GameGear save ram files. May have to rename existing sram files to correct format manually. 'nameofgame without extension'.sav

v2.1b May 20 2020
- Fixed shortened save filenames for GameGear games
- sram only gets saved for games that actually have a valid sram

- April 29 2020 -

New version of GenesisPlus available. This one has some fixes and improvements to the display settings including a double sized scanline mode and options for borders on GG and SMS games. Also fixes an error in the input config file from the last release that could cause keyboard down direction to stick.

v2.1 April 29 2020
- Added double size scanline mode for all consoles if pubscreen size allows
- Added border removal option for GameGear and SMS games
- Fixed black pixel borders around all window modes
- Fixed error in input config causing down direction to be always pressed

- March 18 2020 -

An update is available to fix a possible problem with skewed gfx that slipped into the previous release. Please re-download and install the new archive to fix.

v2.0b March 18, 2020
- Small bugfix to the overlay modulo value to fix corrupted gfx

- March 11 2020 -

A new version of Genesis Plus is available. This ones fixes a sound crackle bug and adds several new options in a sound config window. The source code has also been updated to the latest core.

v2.0 March 11, 2020
- Added a sound config window with new options available
- FM Sound toggle added for SMS games
- Filter option added for SMS and Genesis
- Original and Enhanced ym2612 sound modes are enabled
- Fixed a bug that was causing the sound to crackle occasionaly
- Updated all source code to latest GenesisPlus-GX core

- April 25 2018 -

Another GenesisPlus update. This one fixes several lockups and improves the video mode handling.

v1.9 April 25 2018
- Reworked video mode system from hu-go! v1.5 implemented here
- Fullscreen overlay mode aspect ratio correction
- Windowed and fullscreen scanline modes aspect ratio corrected
- Fixed SegaCD mode to be working again - was broken in v1.8a
- .gen added as a valid filename extension
- Fixed videomode not changing sometimes causing a lockup of system
- Most lockup situations fixed

- April 22 2018 -
GenesisPlus-MOS v1.8a and source code available

I made a small update making the executable smaller. Also the source code archive is now available

V1.8a April 22 2018
- Executable is slightly smaller by eliminating some uneeded things

- April 18 2018 -
GenesisPlus-MOS v1.8 available

It's been awhile and I have put together a new version of GenesisPlus with some updates and bugfixes.

V1.8 April 18 2018
- Updated to latest GenesisPlus GX Core 1.7.5
- Some stability fixes
- Runs on latest version of my supporting functions
- Savestate window opens in same position as the emulation window
- Savestate file format changed - old states need to be removed
- Savestates now support SegaCD games
- Quicker open/close of savestate window using mui notifications
- Various small tweaks and fixes




- Original GenesisPlus written by Charles MacDonald
Charles MacDonald's HomePage

Z80, 68000 and YM2612 cores by the MAME project
Alternate YM2612 core by Stéphane Dallongeville SN76489 core by Maxim SVP Core by Notaz Original Gamecube's port by Softdev, Honkeykong & Markcube Enhanced GC/Wii port by Bloze and EkeEke

- MorphOS port by Kelly Samel / Realstar Soft.Ware
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