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tgemu screen

tgemu screen

tgemu screen

- March 21 2020 -
Hu-Go! v1.6b released!

A new bugfix version of Hu-Go! is available.

v1.6b March 21 2020
- Removed black borders around overlay windows
- Fixed partial width games on full screen overlay mode (Galaga '90)
- Compiled on latest SDK with GCC9

- May 07 2019 -
Hu-Go! v1.6 released!

A new version of Hu-Go! is available. This one fixes the overlay modulo width making certain games that had a skewed gfx output display properly.

- April 24 2018 -
Hu-Go! v1.5 released!

A new version of Hu-Go! is available. Some bug fixes and better video mode handling including correct aspect ratio for scanline modes.

V1.5 April 24 2018
- Updated to latest version of my support functions
- Fixed a memory hit when saving a screenshot
- Fixed a memory hit on program exit
- Prefs file format changed
- Reworked video modes to be more compatible with laptops
- Fullscreen overlay mode aspect ratio correction
- Windowed and fullscreen scanline modes aspect ratio corrected
- Centering of video frame when possible

- January 22 2015 -
Hu-Go! v1.4 released!

At long last a new version of Hu-Go! is released. This one features many bug fixes and improvements and brings it into sync with the latest code from FCEU and GenesisPlus emulator projects.

V1.4 Jan 21 2015
- Major reworking of old emulator and gui code
- Better stability
- SaveState manager with preview pics
- Preview pic on main interface
- Input configuration added
- Filter for file list (.pce|.hcd|.iso)
- CD music starts and stops on fade out IO commands
- CD music restored to correct position on loading state
- Updated to latest version of external lib code
- HuCard and CD seperate rom dir selector
- Doubled possible sound volume range

- July 11/08 -
Hu-Go! v1.3 released!

Finally a new release of Hu-Go! is ready. This version has most of the features from recent emulator updates + a few other bugfixes.

V1.3 July 11 2008
- Clones Ambient resolution in full screen + Overlay
- Audio channels only allocated while emulation is running
- Added compact mode
- Added BG pattern toggle
- Added video sync option
- Cleaner sound channel termination
- Shortened the commodity description line
- Fixed MUI colors to work with most configs
- Added rompath selector
- Made gui resizable and fixed spacing
- Added 1 and 2 player joypad configs
- Added Scanline mode
- Several bugs fixed that were causing lock ups
- A few more premade HCD files added to archive

- January 9/07 -
HuC v3.21 released!

HuC is a C compiler for making PC Engine games. Download latest MorphOS version on the left. :)

- Sept. 01/05 -
Hu-Go! MorphOS v1.2b released!

You can download the full archive below or just the fixed executable.
- Fixed a memory hit that could lead to freeze up
Hugo v1.2b exe

- August 29/05 -
Hu-Go! MorphOS v1.2 released!

Lot's of nice improvements in this version including:

- Added video overlay support and window play support
- Fixed pce resolution changes and screen offsets
- Added PSG and MP3 volume settings
- Added Savestate function
- Added quick rom selection lister
- Added a few more premade HCD files (thanks to Oliver Hummel)

Download below

- August 2/05 -
Hu-Go! MorphOS v1.1 released!

This version fixes the PSG sound emulation. Download below.

- July 31/05 -
Hu-Go! MorphOS V1.0 released!

Hu-Go! emulates the classic Turbografx16/PC Engine game console. Hu-Go! features great compatibility with many Hu-Card and CD-Rom based games. Please read the included "CD-Rom_Guide.txt" for info on how to play CD-Rom based games. There are not many options yet but new features will be added in upcoming releases.

Note:The PSG sound emulation is incorrect atm, I am looking into what is causing it.

Use the download link below to get latest version.

tgemu screen

tgemu screen

tgemu screen

- Original Hu-Go! written by ZeoGrad/Bero
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- Original HuC written by ZeoGrad
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- MorphOS port by Kelly Samel / Realstar Soft.Ware
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