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- April 18 2020 -

A tiny update to fix a memory leak that occured when loading roms

v1.1a April 18, 2020
- Fixed memory leak on rom loading

- April 5 2020 -

Another mGBA release. This one enables savestate and screenshot support for GB and GBA games.

v1.1 April 5, 2020
- Enabled GB and GBA screenshot previews and savestates
- Fixed sram to use entire file name for .gb roms

- March 21 2020 -

A tiny update available to fix black borders around overlay window.

v1.0d March 21, 2020
- Removed black borders on overlay window when scanlines are off

- March 20 2020 -

Another mGBA bugfix release with adjusted sound timing to reduce small distortions in the output.

v1.0c March 20, 2020
- Small adjustment of GBA sound and frame timing.

- March 18 2020 -

An update is available to fix a possible problem with skewed gfx that slipped into the previous release. Please re-download and install the new archive to fix.

v1.0b March 18, 2020
- Small bugfix to the overlay modulo value to fix corrupted gfx

- March 11 2020 -

mGBA is an emulator that reproduces the Nintendo GameBoy hardware line. It supports GameBoy Advance, original GameBoy and GameBoy Color. Has a full MUI gui and support for various gfx/snd options. For best compatibility it is recommended to have original GameBoy bios files available.

v1.0 March 17, 2020
- Initial Release
- Port of mGBA latest stable build v0.8.1
- Custom MorphOS frontend and MUI interface added



- MorphOS port by Kelly Samel / Realstar Soft.Ware
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