- Note on fabric covers-
I have reverted back to keeping one fabric cover in place rather than leaving the driver completely open. This change still gives a much clearer and faster sound without things becoming too bright or fatiguing.

- Early Sound Impressions -
I have been listening to the MYSPHERE 3.2 for about a month and a half now and I want to share some thoughts and a simple modification that I strongly feel improves the sound quality of these great headphones.

First of all there are many positive aspects of the sound and design of these headphones such as the fully adjustable earcups that can be perfectly aligned to your ears vertically and angle-wise allowing for a well defined spatial image and a fully adjustable soundstage presentation. The light weight, detachable parts, great build quality and nice and useful storage case that comes with the headphones are all good points to mention. But up until recently I'll admit I had some issues regarding the default sound signature.

The MYSPHERE seemed to have a bit less energy than some of my other headphones. Particularly in the upper vocal range and treble where it seemed slightly reserved sounding and the bass was not as tight and impactful as I expected. To be sure it had a well balanced and pleasant sound but it seemed to lack some of the remarkably energetic and transparent sound of the older AKG K1000.

This led me to experiment a little and find a simple solution to alleviate these issues quite successfully. I noticed there are two layers of fabric clamped under the removable and magnetically attached driver covers. One piece of fabric is facing towards the driver and the other towards the ear.  By removing the fabric piece that is closer to the driver and leaving the other one in place some improvements can be heard. This modification is easy to implement and fully reversible.

Fabric Cover Removal Guide