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- A mysterious adventure game for Amiga and Pegasos -
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Download: (Amiga/MorphOS)

Aqua_1.lha (~27MB)
Aqua_2.lha (~26MB)
Aqua_3.lha (~48MB)
Aqua_4.lha (~45MB)

- information -

Aqua features:
- Hi-resolution gfx
- 3D Raytraced visuals
- animated cut-scenes
- Sampled sound
- Easy point'n'click control
- Saving and loading at any point in the game
- Lots of interactions
- First person perspective
- ScreenMode requestor
- And much more...

Amiga Requirements:
68020 or higher processor
OS 3.x or higher
8MB of ram
AGA or RTG display (Works with CGFX4 and Picasso96)
CD-ROM drive

- Reviews -

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- News -

- Feb 18/07 -
Aqua full version released

Aqua is a Myst style graphic adventure game that was originally made for the Amiga as a commercial product and later ported to MorphOS as part of the SuperBundle program. This release is made as a gift to those that continue to support MorphOS and Amiga software. I hope everyone that missed it before can enjoy the game now. The game is available via aminet.

- February 17 2007 -
Aqua MorphOS version fixed v1.1 executable released

This is a fixed Aqua executable for those that previously downloaded Aqua from the SuperBundle. This fixes a double buffering bug that could cause memory hits to occur. A new full release of Aqua for MorphOS and classic Amiga will be available for download soon. You can download the fix on the left side of this page.

- August 4 2006 -
AquaCD sold out!

The Amiga CD version of Aqua is sold out and no longer available for purchase.

- Feb 12/04 -
Aqua released for MorphOS!
The MorphOS version of the full adventure game Aqua has just been released and can be downloaded directly from the SuperBundle servers. You must be a registered Pegasos owner to access the download area.

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- Aqua Storyline -
Chapter 1: Deodand

Somewhere in the Atlantic... A dark storm is raging. The sky is in turmoil the greyed clouds moving swiftly overhead. Waves sway wretchedly in agony as if to spew forth the sea's contents from the very bowels of the earth. A sole shape sits in this great whirlwind of waves. An off-shore oilrig that stands stubbornely against the deafing blow of the wind. Suddenly from high above comes a fist of lighting followed by a thundering so intense that everything around seems to pause for a moment, eyes wide, wondering. The billowing wind and boiling sea slowly recover from the attack and continue their own assault on the rig. What happens next is not quite clear, another flash, a sound, a haze, a whirling unseen force. The sky calms, the clouds slow, and the waves roll more softly. Where once a solid structure stood there is nothing. Only a barren sea and slumping sky is left. The wind cries. The next day...

You have heard of the mysterious sinking of the oilrig and, always being the opportunist, decide that there could be valuable items left from the crash. Valuable items that could be worth a lot! You must find a way to explore the abandoned crash site. Scuba gear won't due; the wreckage would be too deep beneath the waves. There has to be a way! You finally rent a submarine from a poor ailing researcher that needs the money to continue his work. Always the opportunist. Soon afterwards...

You are now standing on the dock leading to the vessel, ready to begin your grand treasure hunt. Unbeknownst to you a secret lies deep beneath the cold waves of the sea. A secret that will lead you on the journey of your life. A journey into a world unknown to mankind. A world filled with magic, beauty, wonder, enigma, and a destructive force that rules over all it's kingdoms. Hardship, intrigue and great rewards await the one brave enough to take the challenge. Are you up to it?

It is now time for you to write the remaining chapters of this story, chapters that will be shaped by the events that follow in your path. Go Forth! Lighting bolt divider


Here are a few sample screenshots:
(click to view full size versions, hold shift and click to download)

- A Game by Kelly Samel / Realstar Soft.Ware
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